Large Pond Maintenance Articles

Natural Pond Maintenance Supplies for Large Ponds

A pond maintenance program is not complete without Pond Keeper pond supplies. Ponds and lakes such as those seen on farms, golf courses or on commercial grounds often encounter water quality issues in the form of cloudiness, murkiness and even odor as a result of organic waste present in the pond. This organic waste comes in many forms like leaves, grass clippings, animal waste, excess fish food and even fertilizers, which all contribute to problem causing nutrients.

Our Pond Keeper line of pond supplies contain formulations consisting of billions of beneficial
pond microorganisms that:

    • Break down organic sludge like leaves, dead plants, fish droppings, fish food, fertilizer and dead algae
    • Create a clean, clear pond
    • Diminish nutrient overload
    • Reduce odors
    • Are safe for irrigation
    • Are harmless to fish, animals and turf plants
    • Are available in liquid or dry formulations

Pond Keeper pond supplies work well with most non-chemical pond maintenance products especially pond aerators and pond fountains. Used as part of a regular pond maintenance program, Pond Keeper can restore normal biological activity and promote a healthy, clear pond environment.


Large Pond Maintenance Products

Pond Keeper Pro - Beneficial Bacteria Concentrate

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Pond Keeper Dissolvable Powder w/ Barley - 16 oz
$ 21.71
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Pond Keeper Dissolvable Packets w/ Barley Straw - 10 lb pail
$ 174.50
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Pond Keeper Blue Pond Dye
$ 19.92
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Pond Keeper Phosphate Binder Plus - 32 oz
$ 37.04
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GreenClean Pro - 50 lb bag
$ 150.00
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GreenClean Algaecide - 2 lb + 25% More Free
$ 27.99
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AquaChek Digital Strip Reader
$ 49.95
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MicrobeLift BMC - 2 oz
$ 15.95
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Large Pond Algae Control Package
Starting At $ 250.00
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Pro Algae Control for Large Ponds
Starting At $ 234.50
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Clear Blue Package -Large Ponds
$ 123.50
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Aquatic Weed Eradicator
$ 99.50
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Aqua-Tiller - Bumblebee - 4ft
$ 250.00
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Aquasweep - Dock Mount
$ 1029.00
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Aquasweep - Floating
$ 979.00
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Large Pond Program - 1/2 acre to 1 acre
$ 612.50
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