Pond Fish Food for Koi, Bass, Trout and Catfish

Pond Fish Food by Star Milling is an excellent way to provide your pond fish with high quality, nutrient rich fish food. For Koi Fish, we carry the Ultra Balance brand, All Season Diet featuring color enhancing floating pellets containing high quality ingredients to optimize the growth, health, and performance of your Koi.

We also carry fish food for catfish, bass and trout that is ideal in fish farming, aquaculture or just personal use in a farm pond or stock tank. Our catfish food comes in 3 varieties: floating, sinking and crumbles, while the bass/trout food is available in a floating pellet only. All 3 pond fish foods are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals for improved fish growth and sustained health.

Other specific pond fish foods are also available through special order such as goldfish, tilapia, minnow mash, fry starter, fingerling and medicated catfish diets. Please contact us for your special needs. Some minimums may apply.


Fish Food Products

Ultra Balance All Season Koi Food
Starting At $ 7.44
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Catfish Food
Starting At $ 24.50
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5/32" Floating Bass/Trout Food - 50 lb
$ 46.50
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Ultra Balance Wheat Germ Koi Food
Starting At $ 15.50
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Ace High Fingerling Food - 50 lb
$ 36.50
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*Free Shipping is available on select items to addresses within the CONTINENTAL US ONLY.