Algae Control Articles

Algae control is an unfortunate, but necessary fact of life when owning a pond.

Algae is merely a symptom to larger problems in a pond. Normally it means there are too many available nutrients in the water caused by fish waste, fish food, fertilizer run-off or other dead organic matter. Compounding matters further could be too much direct sunlight or even low oxygen levels...all of which contribute to algae growth.

We offer pond algae control solutionsfor both small and large ponds such asGreenClean Granular and GreenClean FX algaecides for small ponds, GreenClean Pro and Symmetry for large ponds and GreenClean Liquid for both small and large ponds.

Before selecting an algaecide, it is important for you to know what type of algae you have as different algaecides work better on certain types of algae. Check out our Algae Identification page for help.

Generally speaking we recommend the GreenClean products for most filamentous (string) and even some planktonic (pea soup) algae treatments due to its safe nature, ease of use and non threatening effects on fish and animals. Some of the higher level algaes like chara and nitella are better treated with Symmetry, a copped-based algaecide.

If you have a small pond and are looking for the most natural algae control approach, look into adding Pond Plants to your pond. We carry an enormous selection of Lilies, Lotus, Marginals and Oxygenating Grasses.

You may also look into rakes and weed eradicators to manually remove algae as it builds up and to help remove dead algae resulting from algaecide treatments.For larger ponds and lakes an aeration system can also pay big dividends vs contstant algaecide treatments.

Be Sure to checkout our Algae Control Packages below for bundled savings.

Becase we know algae control can be a tough problem, we are available by phone and email to assist our customers.


Algae Control Products

GreenClean Algaecide - 2 lb + 25% More Free
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GreenClean Pro - 50 lb bag
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Small Pond Algae Control Packages
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Large Pond Algae Control Package
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Pro Algae Control for Large Ponds
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GreenClean Liquid
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Symmetry Algaecide
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Lake Rake
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GreenClean FX Liquid Algaecide
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Aquatic Weed Eradicator
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Complete Aeration System FREE SHIPPING*
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Shallow Lake Aeration System
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Deep Lake Aeration Systems
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Pro Pond Net
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