Windmill Pumps

Vertical Water Pump $ 425.00 Qty:
Horizontal Water Pump $ 525.00 Qty:

Air driven water pumps are designed specifically to work with our Windmill Aeration systems. They allow for transfer of water from wells or ponds into stock tanks or trickle irrigate gardens or other applications.


Lift Gallons/ Min
10' 3.2
20' 2.5
30' 1.9
40' 1.4
Vertical Water Pump - Well Pump
This vertically submersible pumps is suitable for hand dug or cased wells no smaller than 6 inches in diameter. The pump must be submerged in atleast 6 feet of water and weighted down with atleast 80 lbs of weight. Only 3 moving parts ensure low maintenance. A great addition to your aerations sytems.


Lift Gallons/ Min
10' 2.9
20' 2.3
30' 1.8
40' 1.1
Horizontal Water Pump - Pond Pump
Even in shallow water, the is pump has the ability to send water from your pond to wherever you need it. Submerge this pump in atleast 24 inches of water and weight it down with at least 80 lbs for effective operation.


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