Small Pond Aerator

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Small Pond Aerator - 1 Diffuser Manifold $ 455.50 Qty:
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This is the best way to aerate a pond! It is the most economical, energy-efficient way to circulate, destratify and aerate because so much water is moved by so little energy. And, there is no noise or electricity in the water.

These aeration systems use UL-listed, all-weather linear compressors that deliver air via easy-to-install self-weighted tubing to the diffuser assembly. Systems are complete with the appropriate couplings, valves (on larger system), self-weighted tubing (dark blue for low visibility) and diffuser(s). Just drop the tubing and diffuser in the water and plug into a 115V power source.

The small system (1 diffuser manifold) will provide oxygen for up to 100 pounds of fish (when diffuser is at a 48" water depth; less fish weight at a shallower depth) and circulate water in ponds of up to 8,000 gallons while using only 50 watts! The compressors and air diffusers have two-year warranties. Use poly tubing to pipe air up to 500' from the compressor in place of running electricity to the pond.


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