5/32" Floating Bass/Trout Food - 50 lb

buy 5/32" Floating Bass/Trout Food - 50 lb online

$ 46.50

Bass/ Trout Food - Floating Pellets

35% Protein

Extruded floating bass/ trout food is nutritionally balanced utilizing high quality protein and energy sources while ensuring the balance of amino acids, vitamins (with added Vitamin C), minerals and 10% roxantin added for pigment enhancement in skin and flesh.

This extruded bass/ trout diet will improve feed digestibility and conversion resulting in cleaner water quality which allows observation of fish health/

General Feeding Tips

  • Feed at rate equal to 2-4% of the live weight per day
  • Feed at least 2 times per day
  • Do not feed more than he fish will eat in 20-30 minutes
  • In a pond environment, feed at or near the same place each day and at the same time
  • Distribute feed in several places so the fish will not have to travel far for food
  • To provide less aggressive fish a greater opportunity to eat, feed should be widely distributed around pond.
  • Water temperatures and quality should be considered prior to feeding. Dissolved oxygen levels should exceed 4 ppm.


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