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GreenClean Algaecide - Algae Killer for Immediate Algae Control GreenClean is a non copper based granular algaecide that works quickly to control string algae and other types of pond algae. GreenClean is an algae killer that works on contact to kill algae and help keep ponds clean all year long.

GreenClean can be used for algae control in any water feature such as ponds, water gardens, ornamental waterfalls, fountains and birdbaths. It is a non-hazardous algae killer that is safe for fish, birds and pets once added to the water.

Once added to water the dry granules lose their toxicity. Be sure any loose granules that did not make it into the pond or water are collected and properly disposed of.

Pond SizeCurative Application Rate
50 gal1 Tbs
100 gal1.5 Tbs
500 gal0.5 Cup
1,000 gal1 Cup
5,000 gal5 Cups
10,000 gal10 Cups

*2 lb containers will curatively control algae in 1,000 gallon pond for an entire season.
*8 lb containers will curatively control algae in 4,000 gallon pond for an entire season.
*20 lb and 50 lb containers are best for larger pond algae control applications.

For commercial algae control applications, try GreenCleanPRO

GreenClean Algaecide begins working to control algae within 60 seconds of application, with visual results in 24-48 hours. As with any algaecide application, we recommend a follow up dose of our Pond Keeper beneficial bacteria to help degrade the resulting dead algae. Pond Keeper should not be added sooner than 48 hours after GreenClean or any other algaecide application.

EPA Reg. No. 70299-4
EPA Est. No. 58996-MO-1

For a Fast, Reliable Algae Killer, Get...GreenClean Granular Algaecide

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