Pond Keeper Oxygen Cleaner - 32 oz

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Fast Acting Waterfall Cleaner, Fountain Cleaner, Birdbath Cleaner, Stone Cleaner

This formulation brings powerful and safe, oxygen based cleaning to koi ponds, water gardens, aquariums, fountains and even birdbaths, as well as large ponds and lakes. This formulation quickly and effectively cleans rocks, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, fountains, statues, plant pots and other stone surfaces. It is non-toxic and safe around fish, birds, pets and plants.

Pond Keeper Oxygen Based Cleaner is compatible with all other Pond Keeper products and can be greatly enhanced by Pond Keeper beneficial bacteria


For best results, manually remove as much debris as possible and turn off waterfalls.

Koi Ponds, Water Gardens, Aquariums
Spot Treating: Apply a light layer of powder to areas such as rocks and waterfalls.
Light Dose: 1-2 tablespoons of powder per 1000 gallons of water every 1-4 weeks
Medium Dose: 3-4 tablespoons of powder per 1000 gallons of water every 1-4 weeks
Heavy Dose: 5-10 tablespoons of powder per 1000 gallons of water every 1-4 weeks

Larger Ponds and Lakes
Apply 25-175 lbs of powder around the perimeter of the pond or lake

NOTE: Use ammonia test strips before and after use to ensure ammonia levels are .8 mg /l or below. Use an ammonia reducer or water conditioner to adjust accordingly. To ensure proper pond health, apply Pond Keeper Beneficial Bacteria 48 hrs after application.

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