Environmentally Friendly Resource Library

We has human beings are responsible for the earth. It is our responsibility to ensure the ecosystems function properly to maintain the health of the earth and all living things. Humans have the ability to understand not only the problems that are created by them, but the knowledge to create solutions to amend them. Every person can do his or her part to protect the environment. Little things such as recycling, eliminating pesticide use, conserving energy and water allows each of us to be environmentally friendly.

Environmental News


  • Department of Energy: The official U.S. Department of Energy sections on cleaning up the environment.
  • Restoration Program: The Office of Health, Safety and Security restoration program.
  • Virginia Pollution Program: Virginia’s pollution annual report, improvement program and tip of the day.
  • Pollution Prevention: The Federal Center’s legislation of the pollution prevention program.
  • Strategically Sustainable: The United States General Services Administration plans and solutions for reducing its impact on the environment.
  • Fort Lauderdale Environmental Initiatives: Fort Lauderdale initiatives for trees, environment, water and trash.
  • Boucher Initiatives: Virginia Congressman Rick Boucher’s energy and environment initiatives.
  • USAID: A government initiative to help improve health, agricultural productivity and sustainability of the environment.
  • Environmental Analyses: Statistics and analysis of energy emissions and environmental data.
  • For Kids: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources environmental site for teaching kids about the environment.

Associations & Organizations


  • The Journal of Environment & Development: The journal focuses on international policies on environmental issues.
  • Journal of Environmental Management: A peer reviewed journal of natural and man made management use by the environment research papers.
  • Emagazine: An online environmental magazine that publishes environmental news and resources from rainforests to your backyard.
  • Alternatives: A Canadian environmental magazine centered on world environmental issues.
  • American Journal of Environmental Sciences: A peer reviewed international journal of environmental research and studies.
  • Earth First: Earth First is a journal that promotes knowledge and awareness of the world’s environmental crisis.
  • Conservation and Society: An open access journal of peer reviewed articles, editorials and discussions concentrating on worldwide conservation issues.
  • Environment, Development and Sustainability: A collection of current articles in the Environment, Development and Sustainability journal.
  • Elements: This online New Brunswick environmental magazine publishes eco friendly articles, poetry, research and even children stories. The articles are in French and English.
  • Environment Magazine: Environment Magazine publishes peer reviewed research papers examining global environmental and development issues.


  • Environmental Blog: A news blog on environmental justice, green technology, green living and sustainability.
  • Tree Hugger: Tree hugger is a media organization that is centered on promoting sustainability through news, environment solutions and product reviews.
  • Eco Geek: Eco Geek is a collection of environmentally green blogs that provides tips for living green, news and product reviews.
  • Green Car Congress: The Green Congress is centered on providing information on green options, products and issues for sustaining mobility.
  • Auto Blog Green: Reviews and news on green vehicles and manufacturers.
  • Green Options: Want to go green, but don’t know where to start? Green Options explores eco-friendly products and inspires with knowledge and advice for going green.
  • Eco Street: A blog that focuses on being green conscious.
  • Grist: Publishes environmental news with a fun wry twist.
  • The Oil Drummer: This blog is centered on discussions about the impact energy has on humanity.
  • World Changing: The Seattle based media organization has journalists that produce blogs that focuses on solutions to environmental problems.